Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bad breath?!

     Happy National Garlic Day! I am a MAJOR garlic lover!! I use it in my cooking regularly.
     I have yet to attend the Garlic Festival in Tonasket, but really I should considering my fondness of the herb/vegetable.
     What surprises me most is all of the benefits of garlic (OBVIOUSLY its taste) besides, of course, warding off evil spirits.
     Garlic has been used for medicinal purposes for just about forever.
     It's believed to protect from heart disease and some cancers (many studies out there, especially by the National Cancer Institute), lower cholesterol and blood pressure, fight off colds and the flu, and has even been used as a cure for toothaches, acne, and warts (in the homeopathic world).
     OK, so its only really drawback is the bad breath and the smell you have when it leaks out of your pores (for gi-normous amounts of consumption).
     I am thinking about trying to grow some, and apparently it's not too late if I start this weekend!
     Hey, so yesterday was National Juggling Day, and if you missed it, well you could go buy three garlic cloves and juggle them to celebrate both days! HA!
     I am outta here!
     P.S. Eating was swell yesterday, water not enough, and I did go for a "stress-relief" fifteen minute walk yesterday afternoon.

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