Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Spring Break, Baby!

     I can hardly believe it is already Wednesday of my Spring Break! I also cannot believe how busy I have been.
     I have actually been to school both on Monday and yesterday, and I will be going for a bit this afternoon, too.
      Lots of stuff to do and organize before I am gone all next week to Iowa.
     I have also already accomplished some big goals around the house. We had a huge "honey do" (but, what I like to call the "cantalope") list!
      First, on Sunday we hired some of the baseball players from Jordan's team (the best fundraiser any group runs ever!) to come and help clean-up and whatnot.
      That just inspired us to do all those things we never felt like we had enough time to do.
      Then I completely organized my step-daughter's room, and also started the boys off in their room.
      So, since Sunday, I have definitely burnt a ton of "extra" calories working out in the yard and house.
      I have not gone to the gym. I am soooooo frustrated with that because I know I need to; I just seem to be avoiding it...denial, sabotage, all of those things.
     Besides the fact that I am irritated on a physical level of not working out, my pocketbook doesn't like it much either.
     It's not that I can't afford just feels like such a waste of money, and I am usually pretty frugal.
      This morning I woke up and did aerobics, and I had a really good workout. I don't know why I won't go to the gym, though.
      What's the deal?

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