Friday, April 27, 2007


     I am so excited that today is Friday! This closes one exceptionally busy week for me. OK, well, it doesn't really close it entirely, see me on Sunday :)
     I still do have two baseball games, one soccer game, soccer pictures, and two boys off to prom, and that doesn't count any grading, planning for next week either.
     But, the really GREAT news is that I feel much better today. My head doesn't feel like it is inside of a fish bowl!
     My cough is still lingering, but it is not nearly as nasty. Do I dare say that I actually feel better??
     I am just hoping for a little extra sleep somewhere this weekend, even if just a short nap on Sunday.
     Next week is a bugger of a busy one, too, with an exciting highlight...Next Sunday, May 6th, my baby will be 18!!!! SIGH.
     Somebody download some energy for me, OK?
     I want to close on a VERY serious note. Please, everyone be safe out there for prom! Make good choices, and remember that all of your choices have real consequences. Love to all!

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Chris said...

I see you're slowing down on the posts...
Get to work!