Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Excuses, excuses

     So, I am feeling tons of guilt because I have not been even blogging. Partly because I feel like I don't have much to "weigh in" on, and partly because my life is ever psychotic at the moment.'s is what yesterday looked like. I woke up (with a nasty cold by the way), had to go to Safeway to buy Jordie a bleach stick to erase his grass stains on his baseball pants, so he could play.
     Normally, this would be no biggie, except that Jordie told me as we were going out the door to head to school.
     As well, I was ALMOST late to a meeting before school, but I just slid in under the bell.
     Then I taught all day, which is, of course, the highlight! Even though I feel poopy, I do LOVE teaching!!
     Then after school I went to pick up my step-daughter, but with some confusion, nobody knew where she was...yeah, talk about heart attack city!! I thought she had been abducted, SERIOUSLY scary!!
     Once all that was squared away and my heart returned to a somewhat normal beat, I took Jordie to his job interview.
     He is applying for a summer job with the Ecology Youth Corp, and yesterday was the ONLY day the guy was coming up from Yakima.
     Then once his interview was over, we rushed up to the house (because he forgot his baseball belt), and then off to Tonasket for his game!
     We arrived at his game at 4 (it started at 4:30), and as I was waking up my step-daughter, I shut the door and locked my keys in the car!
     Yeah, baby! In the end everything worked out. A parent on the other team (and strangely enough a high school sweetheart of mine) managed to pop the lock open by wedging a piece of wood in between the window and door.
     Then I watched the baseball game for about thirty minutes before I drove back to drop my little one off to her mom, and then head out for cheerleading practice.
     Our cheerleading practice was SUPER, even though I was dying (couldn't stop coughing), and my head hurt sooo badly!
     Then I caved in on the way home and we went to a local fast food grease pit for dinner. GEEZ.
     I watched American Idol and then went to bed. I had a tough time sleeping (coughing, plugged up nose, etc.), but I am up and going this morning!
     So...there you have it. A day in the life. SIGH. Today won't be nearly as nutso, thank goodness!

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