Monday, April 30, 2007

I survived!

     OK, so I survived the weekend, just barely :) Seriously, it was busy and MOSTLY fun! And, I even squeezed in a walk yesterday morning!!
     Prom was a blast. I am the herald who announces each person who arrives, and it is the best job ever.
     However, I was totally emotional when Cody came through. He was so handsome in his all white tux.
     I admit it, my voice cracked, the tears welled up, and I realized I am in big trouble come graduation. SIGH.
     My youngest looked so dang handsome, too, and I was able to get some very cute brother pics of the both of them on their first and only prom together.
     Other news for the weekend, we SWEPT the Pioneers in baseball. And, Jordie played some good defense.
     Then yesterday, I exercised (woo hoo)! After that we decided to go for a motorcycle ride.
     I love riding on the bike. I just feel so free. Well, we barely drive from Omak to Okanogan, and how lovely is this, I was stung by a bee (maybe a yellow jacket, I don't know).
     For real, and it was stuck in the side of my face and my hair! I tried to get it out (all the while riding on the motorcycle), and all it did was sting my finger, too.
     Rick had to pull over and get it out of my hair. I didn't cry, but OOOOOOOWEEEE, that sucker hurt.
     My finger doesn't even hurt or really have a mark anymore, but the side of my face, by my ear, is still sore!
     The ride rocked the rest of the way; the weather was nice and everything is turning so green!
     So, now I am readying myself for anothe BUSY week that is captialized on Sunday by Cody's 18th birthday!!
     I feel like I should make myself a shirt that says, "I survived Cody's senior year!"

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