Friday, April 20, 2007

Best appointment ever!

     Yesterday afternoon I had the best appointment ever. It was a chiro appointment, and I have not been to one since I was pregnant with Jordan (now 14).
     Anyhow, I learned sooooo much at yesterday's appointment. Really, I went in for one thing, and then found out much more about my body.
     Given who I am, what my personality type is, and what's going on with my body, my chiro believes that I have Adrenal Fatigue.
     Crazy! I learned so much, and it all rings TRUE! I then came home and read more about it all, and it was amazing that every checklist of symptoms looked like someone had observed me!
     I have had a long history of thyroid problems, and it turns out that really that could end up being an ancillary sort of condition.
     I am now taking vitamins for my adrenal glands and my liver. Who knows? Maybe eventually I won't need to take my thyroid pills because once my liver and adrenal glands are happy and healthy, my thryroid will recover, too.
     I think one of the best things about my appointment yesterday is that my chiro told me that it is OK to be who I am. That I do thrive on stress, but I need to have a support system in place that will deal with that.
     In other words, eating well, drinking water (she told me half of my body weight!), exercising, and making sure that my adrenal glands and liver are supported as well.
     I think the best question my chiro asked me is that if I was a doctor would I be a doctor in an office or would I want to be an emergency doctor?
     Without a doubt, I would be an emergency room doctor! That is definitely my personality.
     It's really OK to be someone who thrives on stressful situations and who likes to do TONS of stuff.
     My chiro said that I don't have to apologize or change who I am, I just need to find the balance and support to live the life that I want to live.
     What a great appointment!! Stay tuned to see how things are going!
     Oh, and what I originally went there for, an adjustment, that happened, too.

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