Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cold and busy

     I love going to the chiro. I cannot believe how much better I feel already, and I don't think it's all mental.
     I also sent Cody there yesterday, and we found out some interesting stuff about his body, too.
     He has been in tons of pain all year. Sports have been rough on his body, but thankfully we didn't KEEP putting it off because all the damage he has is reversable.
     Now, if I could just shake this nasty cold, which has officially moved into residence in my chest, I would be a happy camper.
     I am glad it's not a head cold any longer, but this chest bit poses some difficulties like BREATHING.
     And, I think I have finally lost the fever, which makes me super happy because I was tired of all of the chills and sweats.
     I have not exercised in I don't have a clue how long. I am drinking more water (the one thing I am VERY proud of). I am also taking all of my vitamins, and my eating...
     Well, let's just say that I am doing fine in the morning and at lunch.
     Dinner, on the other hand, OH MY GRAVY!! I have done more fast food drive bys this past week than I have in the past TWO YEARS all added together! UGH!
     This is an excuse, I know. BUT, it's true nonetheless. I am not home until 8 p.m. I need to get the crock pot out!!!
     I do have dinner planned for Rick tonight, so he is in charge of cooking, and we are NOT going to any fast food shack no matter what. I AM DETERMINED.
     The hardest thing for me right now is that I keep thinking..."Oh, next week will be better." But, it just seems like each week is either just as busy as the week before or even more!
     Balance, balance, balance. I need UBER balance!

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Anonymous said...

keep on top of that cold! I know a couple of people at work who have been having colds that just wont let go. Finally they went to the docter and they were diagnosed with walking pnemonia! (is that how you spell it?) anyways if it lasts too long or gets worse go see a docter.