Monday, April 20, 2009

DVR, Oh How I Love You

     I thought about writing an ode to my DVR, but then thought that was definitely over-the-top in the cheese department.
     I have a new tradition going, and that is riding my recumbent bike on Saturday mornings and watching Survivor.
     This equals a forty-five minute ride (with fast forwarding through the commercials)!
     I also did a repeat of this on Sunday, watching The Real Housewives of Orange County (and the New Jersey preview), and then this morning I watched the reunion show of Rock of Love.
     Now, I don't feel so guilty watching those stupid shows when I am riding the bike!!!
     Also on the exercise front, we headed out for a ride up on the Loup in the Sweat Creek area.
     We were about an hour into our climb, and that's when we noticed GI-NORMOUS bear tracks!!! They were fairly fresh (either earlier in the day or maybe the day before).
     Since we did not have our rifle with us (just our .22 pistol), we decided to head back down to the truck.
     We did get an hour and forty-five minute ride in, and we planned on eating lunch and then heading out again, but staying down a little lower.
     But, Rick's horse caught his stirrup on the trailer, and it ripped off, so our day of riding was over.
     I was actually OK with that, and I am glad that we will be back in the saddle next weekend, but with our rifle along. Just in case.
     I so love being out riding. We saw a coyote, and tons of birds and even butterflies. The air is so clean and crisp, you can't help but feel ALIVE!
     Truly, I think this is the best exercise ever!!!

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