Friday, April 10, 2009

New routine

      For this entire week I have walked every day at lunch! I love it! It's so invigorating for the rest of the day.
     For the past two days, I had been so busy with baseball in the evening that I did not have a chance to go shopping for lunch stuff for me, so I went to Wall Webbers yesterday and today for a scrumptious veggie sandwich!!! YUMMY, and healthy, woo hoo!
     I had an AWESOME workout this afternoon. I am up to jogging for 8 minutes straight! That's so amazing considering when I started a minute felt like an hour!!
     I am really happy with the routine of working out that I have right now!!! Besides my daily lunch walks, I am also lifting weights and jogging on the treadmill.
     Tomorrow if the weather holds out, we are going for a LONG trail ride! I can't wait!!!

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