Monday, April 13, 2009

THE most amazing ride

     So, Saturday we headed out for a "trail" ride, only we were hardly ever on the the trail!
     That's right! I officially now am a mountain rider! LOL! We were all up and down the hills and mountains in the Pogue Mountain area.
     I still can't believe how close to home we are, and yet when you are out riding you feel WORLDS away!
     I am in love with riding my horse. I kept telling Rick that I felt like I was in a western movie of some kind, as we went everywhere.
     At different times we could see Duck Lake, Brown Lake, Green Lake; the towns of Omak, Okanogan, Malott; and beyond.
     We rode through where the fire was last year, and surprisingly the damage wasn't nearly as bad as we expected.
     And, the regeneration of grass and flowers is inspiring.
     The views were breathtaking!

     Now, let's talk about the workout! I rode for four hours, but like I said everything was up and down hills, with just a little (very little) amount of flat trail riding.
     I earned 13 exercise points, as I dialed in my activity online at Weight Watchers, and they don't give an option for the kind of riding we did; they just have walking, trotting, or galloping.
     So, on Sunday my core and my back muscles were the ones feeling it the most. But, I feel good, alive, and STRONG!
     I know I am getting stronger, because I can get pull myself up in the saddle all by myself now, wihtout needing any extra lift from Rick :)
     Again, thanks to my amazing new saddle, I didn't feel any saddle soreness :)
     Mostly I just love my horse, and I can't wait to get out all summer long!!!
     I love exercising outside. I love the sounds and smells, and the fresh air! YEEHAW!

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