Friday, April 24, 2009

Learning some stuff about myself

     OK, so on Wednesday I went to WWers, as you already know, and I gained .04.
     To say I was peeved would be an understatement. I was exceptionally mad, and all pouty because I really felt that all of that exercise should count for something!
     I had over 30 exercise points racked up, and then I had a gain. Grrr.
     To top it off, since I only lost .04 the previous week, and then you add in the .04 gain this week, it feels like I was basically in limbo for TWO weeks!!!!!!!!
     Are you kidding me? Does anyone else feel this way?!
     I keep having to remind myself to look at the big picture. Yes, my clothes feel more loose. I don't know my measurements, as I have not taken them, but I know there is a change. I do feel stronger, and I am very proud for how long I have been working out.
     I know that I have not been tracking in the evening, and I know that my portions at dinner are too big.
     I have not been eating bad foods, by any means, but too much of a good thing can be just that.
     I have not been snacking at all. Or, eating anything bad, and to be TOTALLY honest, I have this righteous feeling that if I am exercising as much as I am, then I shouldn't have to watch how much I eat for dinner.
     But, obviously reality (AKA the scale) bit me in the butt.
     So, for the last two days, I have been totally on track in the tracking department! I am eating under my daily points, and I may use up some of my weekly flex points because I may want to eat tonight at the auction :)
     I still can't believe how FOCUSED I am in the exercise department!!!
     This morning I again rode my recumbent bike for 45 minutes, and that makes SEVEN days in a row of doing that.
     Here is something great! Yesterday I could not go for a walk because I had a lunch meeting with my National Honor Society kids to plan our upcoming Relay for Life activities.
     I was actually pretty grumpy about not being able to go for my daily lunch walk. I was surprised at how much I really wanted/needed to go! That's a good thing, right??!!
     I did go and workout after school, which I now affectionately call GYMING :) I ran on the elliptical for a mile, and then lifted weights.
     So, with riding the bike yesterday and then working out after school, it's not like I was a slacker or anything, but BOY I am looking forward to my walk up Orchard Grade today for lunch!!

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