Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nice walk!

     So, it wasn't nice in the weather department, as I headed out, rather blustery, even sprinkling, and definite jacket-necessary- temperature!
     I still had a good walk. I went to the post office and sent off Cody's birthday cards. This is the first time that he is out of country on his birthday. Last year, I couldn't see him either, but I was able to send him a delivery.
     I did order him a present and sent it off, so hopefully it will reach in time! And, I also sent the monthly care package off, so he should be set!!
     I did see a funny thing on my walk that made me laugh. I saw this big dog in the backseat of a compact car. He had half his body in the back window and half his body standing on the backseat!! It was super cute!!
     I also got a postcard (to add to my gi-normous collection) today, so that was a pleasant surprise, too.
     Good lunch.

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