Tuesday, April 28, 2009

That's life!

     I am so stinking proud of myself and the effort I have towards working out!!
     I had a string of 7 mornings in a row on the recumbent bike (THANK YOU DVR!).
     Then Saturday we had to make a quick and unexpected trip to Ellensburg. This meant getting up at 4:10 a.m., and then heading back to the double-header baseball games.
     I was absolutely exhausted by 4:30 in the afternoon, and I went home and took a nap before we headed out to visit our good friends, the Lockwoods, up in Conconully.
     So, for the first time this month, I did not exercise at all on Saturday. And, I was mildly disappointed, but in the big scheme of things, I am OK with it. That’s life.
     Sunday I walked Robinson Canyon. I walked 3.4 miles all together, and I did not stop when I was trucking it up that hill. In addition, I also jogged for .4 of that total (on flat ground), but I don’t know that I will be doing that again because although my heart could handle it, I felt like the pavement was a bit tough on my shins, and I don’t want to risk any injuries right now.
     Monday my bumper muscles and calves were aburning! THANK goodness for a LONG soak last night in the hot tub, and today I feel super!
     I did still ride the bike for 45 minutes yesterday morning and walk the Orchard Grade yesterday during my lunch, which by the way I have faithfully walked during my lunch for three weeks, only missing one day because of a lunch meeting.
     I also walked an additional mile on the treadmill after school and then lifted weights, too.
     Today I logged in another 45 minutes on the bike! I was a blubbering fool because I was watching the end of last week’s Biggest Loser, and it was so sad that Kristin was sent home! I could SOOO relate to her! I loved the follow-up, and all of the people she is inspiring!!
     I will squeeze in a walk today for lunch, although I have errands to run (OK, errands to walk), so I am skipping the hill today. Then today after school we have a hair appointment, so I am going to either go for a horse ride (depending on the wind) or else jump on the bike to watch last week’s episode of Survivor.
     My eating has been improved this week, as besides yesterday I have been writing down everything. I need to figure out the lasagna that I made last night…and the portion that I ate (too big).
     Tomorrow is weigh-in, and I will ride my bike in the morning, too. I have been getting up at 5:30 this week!! Plus I will walk at lunch.
     That's it. That's life lately!

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