Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Falling in love!

      I am falling in love with exercising again! Yahoo! This morning I rode the bike for 45 minutes!!!
      Then at lunch I walked for a mile, even in the wind (thankfully only in one direction, right?!).
      I wanted to challenge you to walk during a break or your lunch! All you need is 15 minutes, and you will clock in a mile!!!! So, even if you don't know for sure how long you are walking, you can walk at a decent pace for 7 1/2 minutes, and then turn around and come back. YOU CAN DO IT! Plus, you will feel so much better after doing so! I PROMISE!
      After school I walked/jogged on the treadmill for another mile (eight straight minutes of jogging). And, I followed that up with a weights workout!
      To make exercising even better, we recently received a DVR!! Can I say YOWSER??!! What a super cool piece of technology!!
      Now, I am busy taping all of these dumb reality shows that I do love to watch, but sometimes feel a little guilty for wasting the time on them.
      Well, NO MORE! I am now watching the shows and riding the bike at the same time!!! It's so sweet that you can fast forward through all of the commercials! I LOVE it!!!!
      I have heard so many people talking about their DVRs, and I didn't really get the hype, but now I do!

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