Monday, September 26, 2011

Food is so YUMMY :)

I know I have mentioned this before, but I LOVE cottage cheese! I love it with chipotle Tabasco, green Tabasco, fruit, spices, etc. My most favorite cottage cheese is some I had at an Amish restaurant in Ohio!! I do have that recipe, and I need to dig it out!

Tonight I tried a new recipe, and everyone liked it, and it was low calorie, and YUMMY! I layered thin chicken breasts, with mozzarella cheese slices, and then I used two cans of tomatoes with garlic and basil to mix up with chicken stuffing, and a little bit of hot water, that I then added to the top of the cheese covered chicken. Then I baked it! YUMMY :)))))) OH my goodness!! I used fresh basil, oregano, and garlic, too!

I also made a new honey mustard dressing. I take the Safeway brand honey mustard (only 10 calories for a tbsp), and I just add spices and water. I shake it up, and VOILA! Perfect dressing and cheap on calories but not taste!

I am at the point, where food is tasting really good. I think that's because the MAJORITY of the processed food is out of my body. I also think I am at a new set-point as far as the food goes, because I just don't feel hungry, even though my calories are limited.

Calories in:
cottage cheese – 100 -1/2 cup

coffee- SF white choc, SF coconut, FF milk – 90
chocolate covered coffee bean - 7
Pearson mint patty = 30

salad 2 cups = 15 with tuna 1/4 cup = 60

homemade dressing – 20

hard boiled egg- 78

string cheese- 60

grapes- 1 cup – 50

sweet chili rice cakes - 130

4 almonds – 25 *I had a whole bag, just wasn't hungry!

chicken dinner:
chicken- 164
tomato with garlic,basil-1/2 cup = 35
stuffing ½ cup = 100 calories
mozzarella cheese-1 slice – 60

3 slices of Honeycrisp apple – 28

Salad – 2 cups- 15- homemade honey mustard dressing- 20

Pearson mint patty = 30 *Had an extra one left in my bag!

Total 1057

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