Sunday, September 25, 2011

SUPER Saturday :)

Saturday started out unexpectedly, in that we had to buck hay, but the entire field. Our neighbor was supposed to get 2 1/2 tons of the field, and in the end, he was out of town, and we were all worried about the rain (which turns out it was for good reason, since it STORMED this morning!). In the end, it's good because we get to keep all they hay, and needed it!

Normally, if we were doing our whole field (as we have for two other cuttings), we always hire some boys. I help load the tractor and trucks, but don't have to do the HARDEST part, loading it up on the haystack in the barn. SO, yesterday...I had to do that part, too, and let me tell you the barn was a swelter pot, so hot! Plus, I was wearing jeans, long-sleeve t-shirt and gloves. In the end, I decided to tackle the job as an OPPORTUNITY! I was definitely burning calories :)

I had originally planned to do my challenge on Saturday, but we had hay, and then I was WAY too tired and hot to try to jog/walk a 5K! So, that got moved to Sunday...oh boy! I will blog about that in a bit!!

I admit, I did eat more for dinner than I normally would, but mostly because I knew I kicked butt burning calories from bucking hay!

Calories consumed for the day:

Coffee and creamer- 70
Cottage cheese – ½ cup- 100
Sweet chili rice cake snacks -18 pieces – 130

Coleslaw - 1 cup– made with light miracle whip, 50 *I made it, so I know EXACTLY how many calories are in it!!
Beans- 1/2 cup – 140 calories
Hamburger- 6 ounces- 302
Bun- 110
Ketchup - 10
Slice of cheese - 100
Tomato (from the garden)- 5
Avocado -1tbsp on my burger and probably the remainder of an entire avocado (Guacamole –smashed up avocado with lime juice only)with chips- 250 calories
1 corona(didn’t finish it)- 148
Chips – 26 chips (guessing…didn’t actually count them--next time will!) 340
Salsa- 20

1775 total calories- the highest I have eaten since I have been writing everything down.

Water- 100+ ounces

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