Saturday, September 24, 2011

Turning point :)

I really feel good about my eating! Writing down my calories and being honest about the portions (weighing, measuring, counting) is empowering! I feel strong and IN CONTROL :)) I can't wait for the weigh-in on Monday!!

I did have a test of willpower last night at the football game in LR. I planned well, though, so I didn't REALLY stress!! I had everything packed and ready. And, I didn't even eat everything that was in my lunch/dinner.

BUT...I did want an Indian taco last night. They looked yummy :) And, it wouldn't have been the end of the world to eat one or to eat half of one, and when I reach my goals, I will occasionally have something like that, just because it tastes good. Right now, I am eating to fuel my body! The kicker which really let me NOT eat the Indian taco? I purposely did not bring any money with me!! So, even if I was tempted, I knew the concession stand wouldn't take a debit card, LOL!!!

Food for Friday:
Cottage cheese 1/2cup – 100

FF milk SF white chocolate, SF butterscotch coffee- 90

grapes 60

veggie burger 120

honeycrisp apple- 85

almonds(natural- 28 pieces)- 160

FF, SF coconut frappe'- 230-This was so yummy! It was a cold treat on a hot day, and a little extra zip before I headed off to the football game!! I just explained to the gal at Pumphouse that I was keeping tracking of calories, and she was TOTALLY cool about figuring them out with me :)))

grapes = 60

2 turkey sausages(no buns) – 240

almonds (natural-28 pieces) -160


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