Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Nutso day, like I felt like the chaos of the world was zipping around everywhere! It seemed like everything was a little off, you know one of those days?

BUT, I did drink tons of water :)
I did exercise! I LOVE ZUMBA!!!!!

And, I ate awesome! So, even though the day was a goofy one, I survived it with my health on.

Here's what I ate:
cottage cheese 1.5 cups -100
grapes 2 cups - 120
sf white chocolate, sf peppermint, ff milk latte 90
veggie burger-black bean 120
plum- 30
string cheese- 60
banana - 105
2 turkey sausages- 220 (110 each)- no buns
ketchup- 25
slice of provolone - 70
homemade peach smoothie- 130 for milk, 40 for frozen peaches

TOTAL calories = 1110

Good dairy, fruit, veggies :) Protein OK, too. So...I could have had one sausage with one bun, but instead I skipped the bun, and I had two sausages!! Yummy :)

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