Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wonderful WEDNESDAY :)

First off...I wore a pair of size 16 capris today!! I haven't worn those in forever!!! Back in June I was stuffing in and barely wearing 20s, some I even couldn't! I also wore a cute shirt today that a friend gave me at the beginning of summer that I could NOT wear. Then to top everything off...I had MULTIPLE compliments today :)) And, then one of my favorite teenagers told me today that she noticed I was dressing way cuter this year! YAHOO. That's total motivation, indeed.

Calories in =
cottage cheese- 1/2 cup- 100
coffee, SF white choc, SF toffee, FF milk - 90
choc coffee bean - 7
grapes- 1 cup- 60
peppermint patty - 30
string cheese- 60
leftover chicken dinner from the other night - 359
chicken- 164
tomato with garlic, basil- 35
stuffing- 100
mozzarella cheese- 1 slice - 60
10 almonds - 60
2 hard boiled eggs - 156
spaghetti- 500

TOTAL= 1422 *Highest amount that I have done yet. Could be the TOM which I think is coming? It's funny that I feel like it's so much, when it's still relatively low, considering. BUT, I like to be in the 1200 realm! Tomorrow!!

TEA!!! Blueberry :) Forgot to take Oolong to school, but already packed tonight! Gonna have some Tahitian Vanilla Hazelnut right now!!

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