Monday, September 19, 2011

What's up (or, should I say down!!)?

The scale says:
Mid-June I weighed 244.
September 19th = 218.

HOLY FRITOS, when you look at it like that,it's 26 pounds in three months! YAHOO, buckeroo!! I am definitely feeling the difference, as I am wearing TONS of clothes that I had shoved into the back of my closet at the end of the last school year, since I couldn't wear any of i t. Feels like I have a new wardrobe, even though it's all clothes I have owned forever!!

I do have my yearly poopy cold. I always get one around now (the end of Septemberish), and my theory is that I am not around kiddos, and then when school starts, all those germs attack me! So, even though I am feeling not so hot, I am still keeping on with my exercise in my healthy ways!

SO, I did walk yesterday...13.6 miles!!! That's even a tad bit more than my half-marathon that I am doing in December. I was almost going to not go walk because of how my head was feeling, but I did decide to go for it. It was quite the experience...first at about mile six, I could feel a blister starting, which eventually covered the entire bottom section of my foot where the toes connect. I know better than wearing the socks I did...Grrr. The wind was gusty and blowing like crazy. That definitely was not lovely, all that dirt in my already stuffed up sinuses! I did finish my trek in 3 hours and 50 minutes. I did not jog because of my cold, which feels like it is trying to sneak into my lungs. The Vegas time limit is 4 hours, so I should be good to go!! My goal for there will be 3 hours and 30 minutes. Rick was super cute because he was worried about me, since I was sick, and he drove the motorcycle around a couple of times to come check on me!!

Also, something I am doing at least for this week, maybe longer: I am writing down everything that I eat!

Here's today:
SF White Chocolate, Pumpkin, FF milk latte = 100
string cheese = 60
veggie burger= 120
chips = 140
plum = 30
yogurt =160
foot-long veggie sandwich from Subway= 460

TOTAL = 1230

Looks OK with the veggies and I could eat some more fruit tomorrow! Great calcium :)
Water= 120 ounces

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