Thursday, September 29, 2011

Funky energy

Wowser, life is busy crazy right now. If I wore one more hat, my head would fall off!! I am seriously thinking about giving a few things back to the universe. Then, I feel like the energy in the world itself is on some funky dial!

Our little one woke up barking like a dog :( It's definitely that time of the year, UGH!

Our kitty is up in a tree, and I mean not even the fire truck could save him up in the tree :( I don't know what will happen...

I have a student who I absolutely LOVE as one of my own, and she had a family member pass away. Sad :(

I am the union president (one of the hats that I feel like I could give away), and there is some conflict, which means I have to play peacemaker, but as we all are NEVER going to make everyone happy.

My schedule today - Saturday, ready?!
Volunteer at VG in my step-daughter's class :)
Yearbook programs - we make all the programs for all the sports events, and tonight we had both MS volleyball and MS football!
Mini-cheer camp preview at VG

Senior Athlete Pic (I am taking it for our cheer locker posters.)
Pep Assembly
Pick up bibs from hospital for 5K
Few other errands
Team dinner
Football game
Dance that cheer is sponsoring
Team Sleepover

5K race
Team Pics in the afternoon

I am also designing and planning new t-shirts for like three different things!


OK, so here's what I ate today!

cottage cheese - 1/2 cup- 100
ff, sf white choc, pumpkin - 120
chocolate covered espresso bean - 7
peppermint patty - 30
soup- Campbell's Mexican chicken and rice - 260
string cheese - 60
grapes - 60
sweet potato fries - 130 calories----so YUMMY :))
1/2 biscuit (80 ) with pumpkin butter (25)- 125
meatloaf - 204

Total - 1096

And, I had two cups of Oolong tea today :))

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