Sunday, September 25, 2011


So proud of myself!!! I didn't do my challenge yesterday (even though that was my plan),so IMAGINE how bummed I was when I woke up to a thunderstorm :( In the end, I was determined to jog my 5K!!

Thankfully when I did go for my challenge, it was not hot or cold, just CRAZY windy. I was also worried about the jog/walk when I feel like my muscles were tired from bucking hay the day before, not to mention I DEFINITELY did not eat to prepare for a 5K!!

Drumroll please...I jogged/walked the 5K in 36 minutes!!! That's 12 minutes a mile :) I am so stoked, I can barely stand it!! I haven't been training, and my i-pod was dead, so I wasn't excited about going at it without my rockin' tunes. The wind was PSYCHO, and I didn't take water with me.

I weigh 218 pounds (last Monday), and I know that each time I jog a 5K, I will weigh less and less, and my time will get better and better, and it will be easier and easier :)

The race will be my official PR, and I am hoping for it to be less than 36 minutes. I did jog and walk the whole thing. I hope to jog more on Saturday :)

What's good, is that just like walking the half-marathon last Sunday, I have a plan for the race this next Saturday. I will also admit that I am nervous about that race because of the timing. The night before we have a cheer sleepover, which will mean NOT NEARLY enough sleep :(

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