Wednesday, September 14, 2011

HELLO...anybody home?

Zoiks! I feel like since school has started that my life is just beyond nutso!! Between school, cheer, and Fair...I somehow survived, and I feel that I will be into a normal routine this next week! If there truly is a normal for me? Seems like it's on fast speed only, but I also don't like the slow speed much.

Let's see, school started,we had our first football game (which my cheer team ROCKED!) and the first weekend was a long one, Labor Day weekend :)We rode our motorcycles down to Horeshoe Bend, Idaho again to go ziplining for the second time in two months. We stayed at Zim's Hot Springs, and it was so delightful!! It was such a fun trip because another couple came with us. Good times!! And, we drove a different way so I saw some new country. Thank goodness the weather cooperated, too. I was able to eat mostly healthy, except for a couple of meals, and the exercise was both the driving the bike and ZIPLINING, yeah baby!!!

Then I had another week of school, but with Fair thrown in there. We went to the Fair on Wednesday after school and cheer practice to take our sheep to check in. This was our first experience of having livestock at the Fair. Let me tell you that it was exhausting and rewarding and exciting and LOTS of learning :)))) I look forward to next year, now that we understand what it's all about. I am so proud of my step-daughter and how well she did!

As far as exercise and eating...I did pack lunches and snacks and drank LOTS of water. It was ridiculously HOT all Fair, and we were there Wednesday for 4 hours, Thursday for 13 hours, and Friday consisted of me going there in the morning for an hour, off to teaching half-day, then back over for 5 hours, then grabbing the bus to the football game in Oroville, and then Saturday for 14 hours, and Sunday for 9 hours. Wowser!

And, I lost weight during this week!! I call it the Fair diet. LOTS of walking, lots of being up on my feet, lots of water, lots of heat, lots of work. I did have two ice cream cones over the 4 days.

This week has been a bit hectic just trying to catch up and to ready us for our first pep assembly and home game this Friday. And, then, ladies and gentlemen, and then I think I will be able to be on a schedule that works for me.

I did ZUMBA yesterday, and I have been eating HEALTHY every day at school and home, and drinking tons of water! I know I will have a good loss this week. I am tired, and truly more tired than I remember being in a long time. I am looking forward to catching up on my sleep this weekend!! I also want to kickstart my exercising and especiallymy jogging program.

In the end, I am proud of how well I have kept my eating healthy and under control. Normally these especially chaotic times end up being when I fall off the wagon, and I have NOT this time! To top it all off, I have lost weight these past few weeks...YEAH BABY :)

Even better...I have had so many people comment on how I look!!! That's such an inspiration. As well, I can wear clothes I could not wear, so that feels SUPER great!!

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Tina said...

So, how do you do with your Zumba? I know you are supremely more coordinated than I with your cheer training - for me it's nearly impossible. But I love me some Beto.