Thursday, September 22, 2011


I am always making little sound effects! I love noise, I guess, especially quirky noises.

Today was a good day, finally! It's been an odd week, but I think having a massage last night reset my energy :) I did have some bizarro things still happen today, but I guess it was more how I dealt with them that counts.

Also, I had a person, who has not said anything about my weight say, "WOW! You have really lost weight!!" That was AWESOME :))) You know, I felt pretty today. Do you have that happen to you? Where you just feel that way more particularly on one day? That was my day today! It certainly helped that I was wearing a pair of black (always slimming) courdoroys--that I could not wear last spring-- and a pretty shirt!

I have a couple of goals in mind right now. This may not be realistic, but I REALLY want to weigh under 200, which is 18 pounds away. I want this to happen by the time I go to Vegas to do my half-marathon, which is the first Sunday of December, so that means that I have 9 weigh-ins left between 218 (last Monday) and that Sunday. That's somewhat of a pushy goal, as I would need to lose 19 pounds in that time frame. SO, I won't be heartbroken if I don't make it, but I DEFINITELY want to be under 200 by the new year, so that's 15 more weigh-ins!!! I know I can do that, and with that goal in mind, I know that I will have more focus and motivation during Hallogivingmas time!!

Another goal that I am starting up in October...I want to start lifting weights again. I have a great program that I know, and I just read the Oxygen magazine that had LOTS of helpful tips!! So, I want to lift weights at least two times a week to start, and two times a week I want to do a medicine ball, Hula hoop, jump rope routine. That I will call medhulump, just kidding! I am planning out exactly what I will be doing and WHEN I will be doing it. I am making up an October exercise calendar, as I will also have 4 times of week cardio, which will be incorporated into those weightlifting days, too!

So, food for today:

Cottage cheese-1/2 cup- 100 And, by the way, I LOVE cottage cheese. I love to add
garlic and either green or chipotle tabasco sauce! Crazy I know :)

coffee- SF white chocolate, SF marshmallow, FF milk- 90

grapes- 1 cup- 60 calories

all natural clam chowder 98%FF Campbells Selct- 240

string cheese- 60

pumpkin pie latte -not sure on this. We have a stand at our school that's open once a week, and I automatically have one delivered. I asked for the nutritional info, so I will have to estimate for now. BUT, I will say it was a perfect mid-morning snack today!!! 150 calories

almonds-14- 85

cod- 12 ounces - garlic,lime, spices - 324

cucumbers- 1 cup- 16

salad- 20

green salsa as the dressing- 20

1111 calories!

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Tina said...

for what it's worth - when I did the 'vegan in 30 days' thing for my blog - I've dropped like 20 pounds, even after it was over. It's like giving up animal products changes your cravings, etc. I went back to eating meat, but I don't eat nearly as much as I used to at mealtime. I just can't hold that much food. And my sugar cravings have almost disappeared.