Monday, July 28, 2008

Back on track!

     Last week was busy, and this weekend was spent recovering and also bonding with our two new horses :)
     I did wake up this morning and do aerboics!! And, my BEST friend in the entire world is going to be up here from Leavenworth for an entire week.
     She is a personal trainer, and she has always been my inspiration in the physical fitness world! Anyhow, we are going to work out at the gym, and I am totally stoked!
     I was just realizing that I have less than one month of summer break left! Yikes! It's going fast!
     And, the last weeks of summer are packed out with vacations and camps!
     And, I have been doing a great job of relaxing and reconnecting with friends!

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acheese89 said...

I hope you enjoy your weekend with your friend! Are you working out at school? We keep telling ourselves we're going to do that. No, I don't go to the meetings. I lost 45 pounds doing WW online a few years ago and I'm back on track doing it again. Yep, summer is almost over. Time to squeeze everything in. I'm not student teaching until February, but I've been taking classes nonstop since last August. I'm looking forward to being done with classes and teaching!