Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pamper Day

     Yesterday was spent relaxing! We started our morning off with a trip to the Farmers' Market! Of course, after a stop on the way at Roadhouse Rooster (we love you Christina!).
     I love going there and supporting our local farmers, and we always see tons of people we know.
     I bought peaches and green tomatoes! I even found a recipe that makes fried green tomatoes but by baking them! I can't wait to try out this healhty option! I LOVE fried green tomatoes!!!
     Then we headed down to On the Avenue for ice cream! I didn't have ice cream, but instead an old fashioned sugar free strawberry soda with sugar free strawberry ice cream! YUMMY!!! I love Suzanne and Bill (the owners), and she makes a perfect treat (sugar free!).
     We also hit up Gene's for their fruit sale, and we bought plums, grapes, and also lots of other produce to make a huge salad!
     Of course, we had to hit up the dollar store! For little ones that can be quite overwhelming to only choose 4 things! LOL!
     We wandered over to Hi Tek to see if they had time for pedicures, and they did!!
     I almost always get some shade of pink or purple, and this time I decided to go green! I LOVE my toesnails!!!!

     In the end, we went home and watched some movies and just chilled. It was a relazing day for sure!

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