Wednesday, July 2, 2008


     I am missing a few people, but one lost 1.2, another lost 2, and I gained .2 of a pound, grrrr.
     I have another friend who goes and she gained this week, too, as did the lady who was weighing in before us.
     The lady weighing us said that it is common for people to retain some weight in this hot weather.
     I have a confession. I ate Chinese food on Monday. BUT, I did eat a small amount because I used a super small plate to curb the portion size. I know there is tons of sodium in Chinese food, but OH WELL!
     This is probably bad, but I didn't feel bad about the gain, but rahter I thought to myself that if I splurge on Chinese food again (first time since January that we have had it for dinner), then I would do it on a Wednesday or Thursday night so all of the sodium has a chance to work itself out of my system.
     To continue with this not GOOD attitude, after I shopped for groceries for two hours tonight, I decided to go grab something to eat. NOW, I was going to get a sub sandwich, but instead I pulled into DQ and got a Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie Blizzard. The only saving grace, I suppose, is that I chose to get a small (I admit I was tempted by the large.), and I did get a large water. SIGH.
     I feel RIGHT NOW that I need to re-adjust and make some better progress. I am going to think a lot about it this weekend while we are camping. That's the plan anyhow.
     In talking with one of my best friends, who is out of town taking care of her mom, but who is also doing WW, she feels VERY frustrated and not inspired.
     We were both surprised at how summer is not as easy as we thought it would be in our weight loss efforts.
     Definitely time to jumpstart things!

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