Friday, July 11, 2008

Get your drink on!

     OK, yesterday was National Pina Colada Day, just in case you missed it, and Hungry Girl has yummy and lite recipes for those :)
     Be careful because a real Pina Colada can weigh in at over 600 calories, and that's more than a double greasy hamburger under the golden arches.
     Today is...National Slurpee Day! How cool is that! Why? Because it's 7-11!!!
     Did you also know that they make Crystal Light low-cal, sugarfree slurpees?? Only 30 calories, but still enough to give you a lovely ice cream headache and colorful tongue!
     I am actually going to Wenatchee tonight to drop off a friend at the train, and I'm thinking I am going to 7-Eleven for my 7.11 ounces of slurpee!

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