Friday, July 25, 2008

Miss me, miss me?!

      Hey! We have been off at cheerleading camp, which was a BLAST! Anyhow, I couldn't get access either to a computer or wireless for my laptop, which meant no blogging :(
      But, that's OK, because we were TOTALLY busy the entire time! We had tons of classes (both the girls and coaches), and lots of fun activities, too.
      Thankfully the weather (albeit windy...LOVE E-BURG!) was pretty mellow, only yesterday was hot!
      I did LOTS and LOTS nad LOTS of walking! I didn't drink enough water or at least it didn't feel like it, even though I drank my daily quota.
      Eating was OK. The portions were perfect, but it was cafeteria food, and that was rather bland (the veggies and fruit were not so tasty).
      It's been a week of fitness for sure! I'm very proud of my girls who all came home tired (physically, mentally, and emotionally)!!
      I didn't attend a WW meeting, and this is the first one I have missed since I have been going from the beginning of March.
      I am going to go and weigh though at the clinic, maybe tomorrow, and I will update ya! No worries, as I compared the scale there with the WW scale the last two weeks, and they are spot on!
      Well, more to come later!

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