Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Exercise the natural way!

      We have lots to do to be ready for our big camping trip this weekend. We are taking the horses and dogs with us, and I can't wait.
      I LOVE to camp!! I am excited to ride horses and also to go hiking while we are up in the mountains.
      I used to hike tons when I lived up in Leavenworth. We used to camp lots, too. We decided that since everything is so expensive now that we are going to do more camping and closer to home.
      So, getting everything ready definitely feels like a workout. But, in particular, this morning, Jordie and I unloaded all the hay from the horse trailer.
     I had helped Ricky load it all up the other night, but really Rick did most of the work since I had to get in and out of the truck, since i was driving.
     But this morning (before it got too hot) Jordie and I took out all the hay and stacked it next to the barn. My job was to take out all the hay from the trailer, and Jordie took it all and stacked it.
      So, I lifted all 53 bales and hauled them over. I decided that definitely counts as a workout!! Plus we were sweating like crazy, even though it wasn't super hot yet, since we had long pants and long sleeve shirts on.
      Afterwards I felt so good, you know that MAJOR high when you have worked out really hard, when you are sweaty, and your lungs and muscles feel ALIVE??!!
      We came in and drowned ourselves in drinking tons of water. Now, we are ready for the day!
     I like how we can work out the nautral way, whether it be hiking in the mountains or doing chores.
     That's what makes this summer so great! I love having the time to do these things :)

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