Friday, July 11, 2008

What have we been up to??

     Lots of playing! We have been swimming every day! We had horseback riding lessons on Wednesday.
     We went to Omak Lake on Wednesday, too! That was a blast, and it was before all of this smoke!
     The water was perfect, and we had a nice little sandy spot to play for hours!
     Jordie jumped off the cliffs several times, and that was fun for us to watch!
     We had haircuts, and of course, we have been bowling, too! Busy, but fun!
     For the weekend, we have a big hike planned, and I am looking forward to that. Where we are headed doesn't look like it's smoke-filled yet. I will post pictures!
     I am also looking forward to next week, as I will be getting the cheerleaders ready for camp. I can't wait :)

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