Monday, July 7, 2008

Camping rocked!

     So, we headed out camping on Thursday. We took the horses along, and we camped up at Salmon Meadows above Conconully.
     It was absolutely beautiful up there! The wildflowers were incredible!!!! Everything is green, and the weather was delightful. I will post pics later on my other blog.
     We rode horses, and YES, I rode Jack, our big one (16 hands high), for an hour and half! We went on a cool trail up the mountain and back down.
     I found going down harder because I had to use my muscles much more, at least that's what it felt like. But, I did GREAT!
     For my weight, that's 400 calories melted away! And, that doesn't count all the walking I did for the camp trip.
     There's a great loop up there, and we walked the horses at night, and I also hiked before Rick got up there on Thursday night.
     On Friday we also went out and filled up the truck with firewood. Ricky did all the chainsaw stuff, and I loaded, which felt like a good arm workout!
     Eating was also VERY good! We ate healthy the entire time, and it was yummy and even borderline gourmet.
     The only thing I didn't do was drink enough water. I am not sure what's the deal there, but I am going to work on that, too!
     Overall, the trip was absolutely relaxing. We did a lot, but it was so peaceful. I can't wait to go again. Next time we will definitely take the kids and the dogs.
     The long weekend was a 10 for us!

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