Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hey, hey, hey!

     Yesterday was a good day! It was one of those days where I checked off tons of things on my list.
      I did all of the beginning of the month errands, even though it was the last day of June. I paid all the bills, and Jordie graduated from Driver's Ed!
      We went out for a celebration lunch at my favorite place, Wallwebbers!
      I ordered a half of a Tom Terrific sandwich with a cup of soup (tomato garlic). I always ask them to add cranberries, yummy!
      We spent a big part of the afternoon at the clinic with G-ma. What was good about that is that we ran into someone that I know who lost a tremendous amount of weight, and she looks FANTASTIC, and she totally inspires me!!
     I didn't do any specific exercise (riding my bike or walking), but I had a great day tending to what needed to be done and spending it with Jordie!!
      We went to Rick's and watched a movie in the early evening when it was still super hot. After that we went out and caught the mule (this had been an ordeal before, but we borrowed some panels from the neighbor and no problems last night at all).
      I love walking her, and I am going to do so every day. Sometimes I can get her to trot with me, too.
      We sat out in the yard, all three of us, and watched the storm. It was awesome! It so reminds me of Texas.
      Oh, I almost forgot. Yesterday I took the boys down at Rick's work some yummy Orange Creamsicles from Dairy Queen. They are sugar-free and fat free and only 60 calories!
      Not that the boys needed to lose weight (trust me, they are sweating every ounce of fat off of them), but these creamsicles are super yummy, and only 1 point.
      I figured I would tell all of you folks out there looking for a treat to cool you down today, on another day of hot, hot weather! They also have chocolate ones.
      Stay cool and hydrated, and exercise early in the morning or later in the night!

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