Monday, June 29, 2009

Marathon blog!!!

     Life's been busy, but good :) So, this is going to try and catch everyone up :)

Exercise = recumbent bike 9.7 miles, 504 calories, 46 minutes
Nice thing for myself for the day = massage
Water = 60 ounces
Food = It ended up being a really busy day, so the food was not like how it should be as far as meals go...
coffee from pumphouse (FF/SF)
hamburger wheat bun, corn on the cob, fried green tomatoes (YUMMY), chili

Water = 40
Exercise = recumbent bike = 50 min/ 500 calories/9.6 miles
Treat for me = Starbucks Frap! Although in the end, it meant me being up TOO late, since I drank it so late in the afternoon, LOL!
Food =
coffee pumphouse FF/SF Zebra
cheese bagel Safeway
Afternoon snack
Grande frap from Starbucks (with whip cream and choco sauce)
I love this recipe! I first made it while visiting family in Texas many years ago. It's easy, cheap, low calories, and DELICIOUS!! It's from the Texas Rangers (as in the law enforcement, and specifically eating out on the trail)Cookbook!

cabbage casserole (hamburger, cabbage, tomatoes, onion, green peppers) super low calories! I did also have two biscuits with SF blackberry jam.
Dessert = ice cream sandwich

OK, so this is the first day that I did not exercise since summer has been in session. It's sort of a bummer, and I do plan on making it up (having two sessions of exercise one day). I was beat and I have an injury I am trying to heal.
Treat for me = 2-hour nap! LOL, this was from the dang coffee that I drank the afternoon before that kept me up until 3 a.m.!!
Water = 30 (This was a tough day in being on with all my goals)
Food =
Coffee with International Delight
Birthday party!!!! Sausage in hot dog bun, pasta salad, one cupcake!
Steak, coleslaw, corn on the cob (YUMMY!)

Exercise = walking and jogging around the Barrel Club arena!!!!! LOL It was hot, too!! Next time I am going to ride my horse and lead!! LOL
Water = 100 ounces!! (YEAH)
Breakfast Mocha SF/FF at Corner Bistro
Tuna on bagel
granola bar
chocolate graham cracker
shrimp fettuccine (homemade)


There ya have it! I know I wasn't posting daily, but it does feel good that I was keeping track of everything still. Now I should be back onto my normal schedule :)

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