Wednesday, June 17, 2009

wHaTtA WeDnEsDaY!!!

     Another day in the books, ladies and gentlemen!! I was a little worried because I woke up with a gnarly headache! I think it's allergies, but I guess it could be that I slept strangely or something. WHATEVER it was, OUCH.
     So, I got up and exercised!! I was hoping it would kick the headache in the butt; unfortunately, it did not. Migraine Excedrin did the job in the late afternoon.
     With that all said, I wasn't super hungry, which I guess is an OK side effect. I would rather have no headache and be hungry, though!

Water = 80 ounces - that's an improvement :)
Exercise =
Recumbent bike/40 minutes/475 calories/9 miles - OK, so my goal for today was to ride as long as I normally do, but to increase the calories and mileage, which I did!! WOO HOO!

I also spent almost two hours outside sorting bulbs (a big cheer fundraiser), and since it was humid this morning, I was sweating like crazy.

Tonight we rode the horses around the block, and we went twice, so I rode for over an hour! And, that's another at least 300 calories!

Food =
Coffee with International Delight creamer
Bagel (big one from Safeway)

Tomatoes with melted mozzarella (reduced fat) and 1 tsp olive oil, balsamic vinegar, basil, oregano, pepper.

Taco on whole wheat tortilla (hamburger meet, corn- from a fresh piece of corn on the cob-, tomatoes) with small amount of cheese.

Coleslaw - Cabbage, carrots, light Miracle Whip, cilantro, lime juice, pepper.

I didn't have any snacks today. Just felt nauseated all day.

     What nice thing did I do for myself today? Well, I did stop by and make a much needed dentist appointment to have my teeth cleaned. I also ordered a book that I really wanted online!

     On the list for tomorrow? Well, I want to try to do some sort of other exercise tomorrow IN ADDITION to my bike and horse riding. Maybe I will squeeze in a walk. I know that next week I am starting up the weights again.

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