Thursday, June 25, 2009


Some days it just feels easier than other days! Today was one of those easier days :)

Exercise = Changed it up a little, and I went to the gym. Then in the afternoon we went bowling!!
Treadmill 20 minutes
Elliptical 10 minutes
Bowling – one game (bowled a 126, not to shabby for it being such a long time since I last bowled)

Water = 80 ounces - much better than the prior day!

Food = Good and OK
I had an early morning meeting (6 a.m.), so I wasn't hungry, but I went and grabbed a yummy drink. Thank goodness they are open at 5:40 when I came through!
FF Maple Bar latte at Pumphouse (didn’t get SF flavors)
small salad with Huckleberry dressing
cheese quesadilla – one wheat tortilla and cheese
Dinner Well, Ricky came home and said let's go to dinner! This isn't a normal thing for him, so I was like OK! We had such a nice dinner, great conversation. It's so nice to re-charge :)
Rancho Chico – I did eat a lot of chips beforehand and the cabbage salsa. I ordered an avocado tostada with chicken. I did not get the full meal (no rice or beans), and since I had a meeting to attend, I didn't drink a margarita, just water :)
Chocolate Charleston Chew (230 calories)
Ice cream sandwich

Nice thing for me for the day? Well, I did spend some time with my best friend when we took the kids to go bowling :) I also finished reading one of my books!

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