Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday :)

     Today was yet another SUPER day!! I had some goals, and I was able to accomplish those!

Exercise =
Recumbent Bike 55 min/ 627 calories/12.11 miles while watching Top Chef Master. I did only ride the bike, and did not go out on my horse tonight.

Water = 148 ounces! HOLY COW!! I had a big gallon jug at the baseball games!

Food =
Coffee with International Delight

Chicken salad – used leftover chicken breasts from a couple of days ago. Lettuce, red pepper, yellow pepper, almonds. Dressing = Huckleberry.

Taco and more Chicken Salad (Dressing = lime juice)

Ice cream sandwich

     So, I didn't add more exercise, but I definitely added more time/distance/calories onto the bike! I couldn't believe the difference in the final stats for just a little while longer.
     It makes me think about a couple of different things I would like to do. I know someone who "ran" for 17 minutes every ten days just to see how far he could get each time. I kinda like that challenge idea.
     Speaking of challenge, I also recently read about a challenge on one of my favorite blogs, Fat Dad, where every Friday he and some other people drink a 5-hour energy shot, and then they exercise for one hour to see who can burn the most calories in one hour. Each person competing can choose any form of exercise s/he wants for that hour. I like this idea. Hmmmm.
     I am also proud of myself for all the water!! WOO hoo. That's something to strive for tomorrow :)
     OK, so what good thing did I do for me today? Well, I did take a nap early evening, and that was nice. I read a little, and then slept for an hour. NICE.
     Also, I went to Jordan's doubleheader baseball games today in Brewster (they won one and barely lost the other), and I sat with his girlfriend, Ramsi.
     We laughed so hard so many times, that my face and stomach hurt! I told her that I was going to blog about that being one of the good things I did for myself...hang out with her all afternoon! The laughter is AMAZING! You can't have a bad day when you laugh that hard!!!
     Goals for tomorrow? Well, besides keeping everything to the same level as today, I would like to try one more form of exercise besides the bike and the horse. I did DVR some fitness shows, so maybe that or a walk or a hike.

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