Sunday, June 21, 2009

Perfect Sunday :)

      Exercise!!! We went out on the horses today, and we rode for over four hours (that's in the seat time). I did a lot of trotting today, too! So, that's right around 2000 calories GONE!

Water = 80 ounces

Food =
coffee at Pumphouse, non-fat milk, sugar-free flavors


bagel (big Safeway one)

Afternoon snack
iced cookies (100 calorie pack)
Pringles Salt and Vinegar chips

BBQ beef boneless ribs (2)
coleslaw (made with Miracle Whip, cabbage carrots, pepper, lime juice)
corn on the cob


vanilla ice cream – ½ cup

This was such a good day! We had so much fun. The weather cooperated with us, and I just love being out with my family and on our horses!!!

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