Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Saturday post for Friday!

      I did not post last night because we left around 6 p.m. to head over to the Lockwood's house, and we didn't get home until after 2 a.m.!! We had such a good time :)
      It's so nice to have a couple with whom you are close, and that everyone likes everyone!
      I was bad though in my consumption of calories, and I did not even keep track. I know I had a couple of smaller pieces of Papa Murphy's pepperoni pizza, and I ate chips and salsa, and I consumed some beverages, but mostly I used club soda, although then I did switch to orange juice as my mixer later, but hey that's vitamin C, right?!
     Friday did start off right, LOL!

Exercise =
Recumbent bike 11.55 miles, 600 calories, 55 minutes

Water = 60 ounces

Food =
Coffee with International Delight
Oh’s cereal – one cup – didn’t drink milk

Mozzarella cheese (60 calories, 4 g of fat)
Bruschetta Tomato Basil Parmesan Bocca Burger (70/1.5)

Afternoon snack
Bagel from Safeway with fruit cream cheese

Read above

OK, so overall this wasn't the best day. I did get exercise in, but it wasn't as good as the day before, and I only exercised once.

Water same story as exercise.

So, I guess we will count this as the worst day of the week! But, in the big picture of things, I did exercise :)

And, something for me today?? I had a blast with one of my best friends :) Enough said.

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