Thursday, February 9, 2006

Cantaloupe lists

     Since the lists for Rick are called the "honey do" lists, I figure I will call mine after one of my favorite fruits, the cantaloupe. Ironically on Monday, I wrote down "cut the cantaloupe" on Rick's honey do list. I digress.
     So, my list.
     Today, I want to drink more water. Tomorrow, I am going to write about why.
     Today, I want to make an appointment to see a doctor, although I still haven't established care with anyone up here. Hmmmm. Maybe I will make an appointment with my doctor in Leavenworth instead.
     I want to have my thyroid tested, as I have a history of thyroid problems, and I just sort of have ignored them. By this I mean when my last prescription ran out several years ago, I just didn't bother going back to the doctor or having my blood tested again.
     Not too responsible, especially given my family history.
     I also want the doctor to check my cholesterol. I have no idea what my numbers are, and I should.
     Today, I want to thank the people around me who have supported me in my efforts to find the healthy me. I so appreciate everyone who has e-mailed me with support and advice.
     Today, I am going to try something new. I am now drinking a sugar-free hot chocolate with vanilla soy milk. Not bad.
     Today, I want to figure out what sort of vitamin I should take. It's a bit of a horror for me, because in high school we did this crazy science experiment where we cooked vitamins, and some of them were VERY gross. I might wait to choose a vitamin until my doctor's appointment.
     Today, I am going to measure myself everywhere. I have weighed in, and at the gym, they gave me my body fat percentage and measured my thighs, waist and hips.
     Today, I rode the bike again this morning, but I have discovered a new program that I call Reading and Riding. Yes, I am reading a book ("The Time Traveler's Wife" - great book, by the way), something I love to do, but often don't feel like I have enough time.
     I only read it when I am riding, which actually means I am now riding longer than before because I want to read! I am up to 40 minutes and about 40 pages a morning.
     I think that is enough for today.
     Now, I am going to go an eat a couple of pieces of that cantaloupe waiting for me in the fridge.

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Patty said...

     Good work! Try the low-fat or fat-free vanilla soy milk. It also works well in making fruit shakes. Add banana, fruit and vanilla extract and blend; you will love it. Oh yes, make sure the fruit is frozen or add ice cubes. You can make this also with caffine-free coffee, fat-free liquid creamer, fat-free chocolate syrup and Splenda. Add ice and blend. You will have a fat-free espresso! For more flavor you can add any flavor extract to add more punch. Proud of you!