Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy Monday morning!

     OK, I admit it my enthusiasm for the alarm clock going off this morning was missing, but now that I have worked out, I feel great!
     To think I had seriously considered sleeping longer this morning after being awake with the new puppy for almost an hour at 3 a.m. What was I thinking?
     I did work out this weekend both days. I even snuck in six more racquetball games. I love the game. I do!
     Cody is still seeking his first win, but I can tell you it won't be much longer. He is much improved.
     Even when I lost against a much better player than me, I had a blast and really burned the calories. Note: I did win one of our three games, but I think he let me.
     I had one event this weekend for which I felt both dread and excitement. The movies. We took our little one to see "Curious George."
     I love the movies. I love the popcorn with tons of butter, and I always drop in Junior Mints to melt with the popcorn. I know, weird, but it is my movie tradition since I was little.
     It's not to say that once I reach my goal and I am on the maintaining phase of my life that I won't enjoy my favorite movie snack again. Of course, I will buy the small popcorn bag rather than the jumbo bucket with a free refill.
     So, I smuggled in my own little baggy of microwave popcorn seasoned to my liking (seasoning salt, garlic and oregano with a few squirts of a non-fat "butter" spray). I also had a few sugar free CremeSavers, the chocolate caramel hard candies.
     I noticed a few things as I watched the guy in the big yellow hat and his curious little monkey friend.
     First, I ate much more slowly, as I wanted to savor each piece of popcorn, since I had such a small amount. Plus, I did not want to have it all gone during the previews.
     That, for me, is half the battle. I eat so fast, that I don't even realize how much I have eaten until it is too late.
     I also realized that I probably could have eaten some of the movie popcorn, but that it is really all about good choices. No butter, smaller size, please.
     I drank my water and ate a couple of hard candies. The movie was OK but, more importantly, I learned more about choices.

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     Hey, keep up the good work and I hope you make you make it.