Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Nurturing creativity with healthy cooking

     One of my biggest obstacles in the past has been my eating. I am really proud of how well I am handling the food side of things.
     And, I feel like I am enjoying the taste of the food even more. I almost feel like my sense of taste is more sensitive or something.
     I am committed to making a true life change here. Knowing that I have food issues, which I have known all along, but never really admitted out loud or to anyone else until I started this blog.
     I don't want to settle for the easy fix. I am not lecturing; trust me, I am the last one who could stand in judgment of anyone. But, my past choices included eating meal replacement shakes/drinks or even taking diet pills. Those really are quick fixes or Band Aids.
     I do believe everyone needs to figure out what works for them, as far as eating and exercising goes. I, however, know that I want my lifestyle to change, and I want to do this naturally.
     I have always tried to nurture my creativity, and now I have found a way to do that and eat healthy, too. Yes, I have figured out that in order to really make this a life change, to always eat healthy, I have to try new things and be creative with food!
     Although I don't consider myself to be the best cook, I am pretty decent, at least my family thinks so, or maybe I should say acts so. What I cook is generally devoured and usually with everyone eating seconds and thirds.
     I didn't learn how to cook from my mom, as I was a product of the microwave generation. I do like cooking, and I definitely have a sense of adventure, so I am not afraid to try some new dish, and fail miserably.
     Just ask my brother about the curry chicken I made once, and only once!
     Last night after I worked out with my step-daughter Nicole, I told her how lucky she was that her mom raised her to love healthy foods. Nicole really does inspire me to eat better.
     I have tried new vegetables and other food because she has brought something to the house that many times I had never even seen before. I want to give to my kids what Nicole's mom gave to her, a love for good food.
     Ultimately I am learning that when I eat something that tastes good, I am more fulfilled. I know that sounds like a DUH! moment, but really what I am saying is that healthy food can taste good.
     Sometimes I have to be a little more creative to make it taste good.
     My food journey feels like I am an explorer discovering what the world has to offer.     


Aaron said...

Behind you all the way . . . good luck Trish!

Tim said...

I'm not sure if it is your blog or a random comment made by an old friend from church on Sunday, but I've gone running the last two days and am feeling great - well, sore first, great second. I appreciate the honesty and flair in your writing. Maybe next time I'm up you can kick my butt at some racquetball. Good stuff. Your writing is hilarious.