Thursday, February 16, 2006

It's a thankful Thursday

     I remember watching Oprah way back when she brought out a wagon of fat for all the weight she had lost. Then I remember Oprah gaining that weight back and losing it again, and so on.
     I remember thinking, if a woman who has a personal chef and trainer at her beck and call struggles as much with weight, what about the average person like me?
     Thankfully my support team is a big one, and they are at the ready all the time.
     Of course there is Rick, my personal chef, who is a great cook (even if he grumbles that it is not a man's work), and very much into helping me eat healthy.
     The key word is helping. He is not pushy or demanding about it, but he knows what my goals are and he is willing to help me reach them.
     Then my family: Nicole, Cody and Jordan, who all help me work out, be it cardio on the court or pumping the poundage, or Patty, who is a surrogate mother and wonderful cheerleader.
     Most of my own family lives far away. They do pep me up with phone calls and e-mails, though.
     This past month my little sister donated her kidney to my grandpa. I was so inspired by her selfless gift and her courage that in my heart part of my drive for fitness is to show her how much I appreciate what she did and that I am proud of her.
     The least I can do is to take care of my own body.
     My friends are priceless. They constantly check in with me and always offer words of encouragement.
     My colleagues, who send me happy, inspiring messages or walk with me at lunch. My students, who truly believe me and tell me so!
     I find support in places that I don't even expect it. I have strangers who walk up and tell me that they are following my blog, and rooting for me all the way or are themselves inspired to workout again.
     Speaking of this blog, just having this opportunity is an incredible form of support. It keeps me honest and motivated.
     The employees at the gym are wonderful and helpful. When I am working out, I look around and realize that I have a common bond with all the other people there, and everyone is so friendly.
     I do have a support team. And, I feel fortunate. I know others who are making progress toward their health goals, but are alone in doing so. I don't know that I could be that strong.
     So, thanks to all of you who continue to help me along this journey. You know what? I feel just as rich as Oprah.


Patty said...

     Try to set smaller goals like 20 here, 20 there and after each time celebrate with someone special. Good job.

Toni said...

     I've enjoyed reading about your progress. Keep up the good work! Just wanted to share something you may want to ask your doctor about. First, soy products are not the best if you have any kind of thyroid problems. And second, do not make the mistake I made while trying to lose weight, and start consuming artificial sweeteners. I was the victim of aspartame poisoning, and had and still have some serious health problems directly related to it. Others have died from it, so be careful.