Monday, February 27, 2006

The prospect of riding and bawling in the gym

     Yesterday I finished my 520-page book, "The Time Traveler's Wife," while riding on the bike at the gym.
     The book was clever and intriguing, and the funniest thing about my reading it was as I was coming to a really sad part, I was worried about bawling my head off in the gym.
     That is a great picture, I know. Me reading and riding and bawling.
     Anyhoot, now I am reading another book of high interest to me, "How Wal*Mart is Destroying America." I will keep you posted; already today I read 35 pages; fascinating.
     I also realized that I ride on average nine miles a day. Today is my 27th day of working out, so I have cycled somewhere around 243 miles.
     If you really think about that, I could have ridden to Wenatchee and back. WOW! I cannot wait for the weather to improve and to tune up my bike to ride outside.
     Of course, I will have to leave the book home. But actually, I started thinking about that, and I might listen to books on tape when I ride.
     Speaking of road trips, I went to Cheney with a group of middle school students this past Friday and Saturday.
     Once again, I feel like I have conquered an event that normally leads me to overeating: Out-of-town traveling.
     I ate great. I made choices I am proud of, and I never felt hungry or deprived. I don't even really feel tempted anymore.
     I do have some areas I want to improve on as far as my eating goes. I want to not eat after 7 p.m. at all. That does pose a trick for me sometimes when I work out after school and have an evening engagement without time to eat in between.
     I will have to figure out how to squeeze eating in between those times, but I don't really see any crazy evening schedules on the horizon (unlike the last two weeks).
     This week I am starting a new schedule where I will work out after school instead of later in the evening, as I was doing before. When I did that I always ate afterward, usually around 8 p.m.
     I am also going to have to plan (this is the key, planning) how to make all the schedules work once Rick starts back to work next week, and the boys both start their spring sport schedules.
     I am really looking forward to this summer and all the exercising opportunities I will have without the encumbering events in my life.
     I promise one thing: For the first time in my life I see that I am a priority, and my exercising is a priority. So, I promise to plan and make everything work out.

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Shan said...

     Hey Trisha, I have been overweight and gaining for 19-plus years (gasp, has it been that long?). I've had some successes, so I know what works.
     I've done a lot of backsliding, too, so I've got some reference points there, too. Anyway, after telling myself for a while now that I need to get back with it, I happened to stumble across your blog while looking for something else.
     Thank you! It's just what I needed. I'm going to put on those gym clothes I've been carrying around in the car and go work out . . . TODAY.