Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Good or bad news?

     Let's start with the bad and get it out of the way! I did not go to the gym this morning at 4:30.
     I had my alarm set, and I was planning on going. We had a mini-family crisis last night that meant I was not able to go to sleep until right around midnight.
     I had been asleep at 9 p.m. and then up at 10 p.m., so really I did plan on waking up early and going to the gym.
     Stuff happens, right? Well, I am bummed that I did not go this morning, but when the alarm went off, I woke up with a killer headache, probably due to the lack of sleep.
     I took some Excedrin and went back to sleep. But, don't despair; I will go after school today.
     Yesterday you know I worked out in the morning, but the good news is that I went in to weigh in for the competition and stayed for a workout!
     Jordie and I played two games of racquetball, and he has definitely improved. I don't think it will be long before he beats me!
     We are going to play again this afternoon, and we might even drag Cody in with us, if he doesn't have to work.
     So, I did work out twice yesterday, and I am going to work out this afternoon, and hopefully I will make it in tomorrow morning.
     Even though I know how great I would be feeling right now had I gone in this morning, I really needed the sleep, and I am using my back-up plan.
     Exercise is not the only good news. Yesterday I ate and drank water exactly as I should.
     I really am proud of the hard work I put in to being prepared. It is definitely paying off.
     By the way, when I officially weighed in yesterday afternoon, I weighed at 250 pounds even.
     There are a couple of classes I would like to try at the gym, and I am going to see if I can schedule them in next week.
     Well, my bad news really isn't that bad, since I am going to the gym this afternoon instead.
     So, the lesson I have learned is that even when you plan, plan, plan, stuff can still happen that knocks you a little off course, and that's OK, so long as you grab the map and steer yourself in the right direction.
     And, that's the last word, until tomorrow.

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Barbara said...

     You go, girl. Just one foot in front of the other. It's all baby steps to success, and attitude is everything.