Thursday, February 15, 2007


     Yup, I survived Valentine's Day without any problems whatsoever! I did receive a few things of candy, which I promptly gave away to kids.
     Last night we decided to have a low-key dinner out, so we went to pizza, which could have been really bad diet-wise.
     I, however, made great choices and had a great time! I drank a glass of water and a glass of milk. I filled up on salad (very little dressing, no cheese).
     Then when our pizza came, I just chose the smallest slice (which really looked more like a sliver), and that was the only piece I ate.
     And the really super thing is that I did not feel deprived; I actually felt full. I thought about having another sliver, however, I decided I would wait until I was at home to see if I wanted it or not (we had lots to take home).
     When I came home, I did not want another piece. It totally worked just to wait and make sure.
     I really am proud of my three days of eating. I have not been hungry at all. I have stuck to my plan of portion control!
     Yesterday I did have a bite (seriously, the size of a half-dollar) of brownie that one of my students made during my class as a project.
     It was so yummy, and I could see how that was all that I needed to "experience" the dessert.
     Power. That's what I feel like I have again. I have the power to choose what to eat and how much of it to eat.
     On to exercise . . . I did aerobics yesterday morning, and I did not make it back to the gym yesterday after school.
     I did nothing this morning. I slept. I felt like I really needed it (this has been a longer week than I thought), and I know I can't go to the gym today after school.
     I am going to go for a walk during my lunch, at least that is my plan, and I am not going to sleep in tomorrow morning.
     I know that I need to work out in the morning. I also know that I have to go to bed earlier at night in order to do this.
     I also feel like a cold might be creeping in, so I definitely want to take care of myself (need to slam the vitamin C).
     I am even thinking about buying a friend's recumbent bike because I could ride here at home in the morning, which would mean I could sleep in an extra 30 minutes.
     Then I could use the gym for after school, evenings and weekends. I could also ride the bike when I am watching television in the evening.
     The only problem is figuring out where to put it in my tiny house. SIGH.
     Overall, I survived yesterday, and I am proud of all my choices.
     And, that's the last word, until tomorrow.

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Barbara said...

     Great job! Really good choices.