Thursday, March 5, 2009

March 5, 2009

     So, I gained a pound at the weigh-in last night. That makes me at 239. Not good news! But, then I found the meeting to be quite inspiring and informational.
     The week before we had talked about tracking, and how important it is to keep track of what we eat. Our leader asked a bunch of questions that went like this:
How many of you have tracked your points and lost weight? (Everyone raised their hand.)
How many of you have not tracked and gained weight? (Mostly everyone raised their hand.)
How many of you track faithfully? (A few people raised their hands.)
     I finally piped up and asked the following, which seems to be my life question! Why is it that we all know that we need to track our points and that we will lose weight if we track, but then we don’t?
     Our leader then through the question out for discussion. We had a fabulous discussion about how many of us feel so busy, or we don’t make the time, or it’s a hassle, and the list goes on. I asked my good friend later on the phone, and her answer was the best and really summed it all up, I think. She said, “I don’t track thepoints because then I can cheat.”
     We did also talk about how the changes we make have to be for life or we will be back, starting all over again. I felt really re-charged after the meeting!
     Today I signed up for WWers online, as I find it much easier to track everyting online! I was online before for the first few months, and then I quit doing the online program, and I just paid as I went to meetings, which is really about the time I stopped tracking everything, too. (The rest is history, right?)
     I am really happy with my strength training program, and I am feeling stronger! I want to bring my cardio workouts along, too.
     I am drinking lots more water, too! That’s totally a bi-product of tracking!
     I love the book I am reading right now, as I find it quite inspiring! (See my other blog from Saturday!) I think it really helps to keep me focused!

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