Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some days...

     Yesterday I had a good workout, but I was REALLY tired. I don't know if it was a Monday thing or what?
     I skipped the elliptical and went for the treadmill, which originally wasn't my first choice...the two elliptical trainers were occupied!
     I warmed up for five minutes and then I alternated jogging for one minute and walking for one minute.
     It felt really good and manageable! It made me want to do that more rather than the elliptical.
     I just worry about shin splints! Every time I try to start jogging, I always get them!
     I know I need to stretch before and after! That will help.
     I lifted yesterday as well, and now we are doing the pyramid method. You know: 15 pounds times 20 reps, 20 pound at 15 reps, and 25 pounds at 10 reps.
     Let me tell you...I can't believe the difference in that workout than when I was just lifting the same weights for 15 reps three different times! WOWSER!
     What I notice most is that I am really feeling a cardio burn at the same time as the muscles are being individually worked out. I guess I am revving up my workout :)
     It is fun because I have a workout partner, and we were able to get our other friend to come, too!
     I don't know what the deal was with yesterday...I was so tired. I even ended up going to bed REALLY early!
     Today I feel better, but we have a hair appointment after school, so I won't have time to work the weights.
     I am going to ride the bike tonight while dinner is cooking. We are having cabbage, ground turkey, and tomatoes, a take on my Grandpa's Texas Ranger Casserole --not the baseball team, but the real RANGERS who would eat this from a Dutch oven!

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