Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 11, 2009

Mad about tracking!
      So, hey there! I had weigh-in tonight, and I lost 2.6 pounds this week!!! I was so glad because I have been doing so many things right :)
      I have been lifting weights, and jogging on the elliptical (if that's what you call it) four times a week!
      I have been drinking ALL of my water, and more.
      My eating is totally on, every day this past week! And, most importantly...I TRACKED!
      Yes, I was CRAZY tracker lady!
      I have decided that in order to be successful, I must track. I must be aware. Ignorance is NOT bliss. Well, it is at the moment, or so you think.
     In reality, not tracking MEANS cheating, pure and simple.
     OK, so now I have a funny tracking story. I was doing great, keeping track of EVERYTHING I ate, exact portions and points.
      Well, Saturday night we had steak because our little one LOVES steak, and I let her choose our menu for dinner.
      T-bones were on sale, so I bought them. They were huge!! I am such a meat eater; that's definitely my Texan upbringing.
      I ate my gi-normous steak, and then I sat down to add my dinner points online. I seriously had NO IDEA how many points steak would be...
      Are you sitting down? My steak was 12 ounces (can anyone say, TOO HUGE?), and it was 26 points!!! For real! That is almost my entire day's allowance of points.
      Thank goodness I have a bonus 35 points for the week, and I had not used a single one of those, so I was OK, and I made it through my week. BUT, HOLY COW (literally and figuratively)!!!
      So, the moral of the story? I must track all of my points! And, it works. I lost.

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