Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I survived!

     What a ridiculously busy day. But, I did survive, and I made it to Weight Watchers to weigh.
     I lost .8, which I will admit I had conflicted feelings about. I wanted it to be more. I did so good all week with counting points, watching portions, drinking water, exercising, all of that.
     But, I did look when I started last year, and I actually lost ZERO during my second week. And, then when I looked at the time from before that (like 8 years ago), and the same thing, no loss during the second week. So, this was a loss.
     Like Horton...a loss is a loss no matter how small, right?!
     And, also if the pattern holds true, the third week was always a huge loss. SO, maybe next week?! I hope!
     And, if I average my loss, I have lost 3.6 for two weeks.
     To recap, I now weigh 236.4, total of 16.2 pounds lost from the 252.6 that I started out at.
     I am looking forward to tomorrow. WAY less hectic, and I am going to lift and work on the treadmill tomorrow after school!

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